Our aim is to deliver, facilitate and support research and knowledge translation relating to the prevention or delay of cognitive decline and dementia. We welcome membership from researchers in both high and low or middle income countries. We also collaborate and work closely with public health stakeholders, policy makers and those who have a diagnosis of dementia and carers.

Dementia prevention evidence synthesis group

The evidence synthesis group takes an overview of the scientific evidence related to possible risk factors for dementia. To do this the group carries out systematic reviews and meta-analyses with a focus on risk factors for dementia and cognitive decline.

Observational research group

This group will bring together existing longitudinal cohort studies that include outcomes of dementia or cognitive measurement and will facilitate the design and delivery of new studies in the field.

Clinical trials research group

This group facilitates the sharing of clinical trial expertise in the dementia prevention field and supports the collaborations and planning of the clinical trials of the future.


This group aims to build evidence, which is usable for policymakers across the world, for population-level approaches to dementia risk reduction.

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