IRNDP Leadership Committee Members

    Leadership Committee Members are key clinicians, academics and health professionals in dementia prevention. This committee is the decision-making arm of IRNDP and has collective responsibility for identifying, steering and contributing to IRNDP priorities in dementia prevention research.

    Professor, Dr Kaarin J Anstey

    The University of New South Wales/Neuroscience Research Australia, Australia

    Professor, Dr Deborah Barnes

    University of California, USA

    Professor, Dr Linda Clare

    University of Exeter, UK

    Professor, Dr Hiroko Dodge

    University of Michigan, USA

    Professor, Dr Nicola Lautenschlager

    University of Melbourne, Australia

    Associate Professor, Dr Ruth Peters

    The University of New South Wales/Neuroscience Research Australia, Australia

    Professor, Dr Suzana Shahar

    The National University of Malaysia, Malaysia

    Professor, Dr Blossom Stephan

    University of Nottingham, UK

    Professor Dr Cleusa P Ferri

    Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    Dr Kimberly Ashby-Mitchell

    University of the West Indies, Jamaica

    IRNDP Independent Advisory Group Members

      Independent Advisory Group Members are selected global key opinion leaders in the field of dementia prevention. The group seeks to provide advanced strategic guidance and recommendations on the direction and development of IRNDP’s networking and other operations.

      Professor, Dr Carol Brayne

      University of Cambridge, UK

      Professor, Dr Henry Brodaty

      University of New South Wales, Australia

      Dr Tarun Dua

      World Health Organisation

      Mr Glenn Rees

      Alzheimer’s Disease International, Australia

      Professor, Dr Kristine Yaffe

      University of California, USA

      IRNDP Early Career Researcher Committee

      We also have an IRNDP Early Career Researcher Committee to advise on issues relevant at early and mid career stages. Current committee members include;

        Photo of Nikki-Anne Wilson. She wears a blue floral dress.

        Dr Nikki-Anne Wilson

        Neuroscience Research Australia

        Dr Lidan Zheng

        Neuroscience Research Australia

        Dr Barbora Silarova

        University of Kent, UK

        Dr Kay Deckers

        University of Maastricht, Netherlands

        Dr Helen Macpherson

        Deakin University, Australia

        Dr Wan Syafira Ishak

        The National University of Malaysia

        Dr Déborah de Oliveira

        Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP)