In 2020, leading members of IRNDP and international academics came together to discuss the future directions for dementia risk reduction. Together they identified the areas where more research is needed.

They highlighted a need for more research in populations from

  • wider geographical locations, different climates and cultures
  • in specific population groups such as indigenous or neuro-diverse populations
  • in men, women, older and younger populations
  • in contempory populations

We also need to know more about how and when dementia risk factors act to increase the risk of dementia

for example,

  • what are the biological mechanisms that drive the influence of each risk factor?
  • does it matter when in our lifetimes that we are exposed to different risk factors?
  • do different combinations of risk or protective factors have different impacts?
  • How do we build resilience?

And how much do all of these things matter for different dementia types or different combinations of dementia types?

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