Welcome to our short science talks.

  • These ‘bite-sized’ science and health talks are for
  • Each one is approximately 10-20 minutes long.
  • The speakers are all scientists, researchers or clinicians.  


To listen to the talks click on the titles below:


Ageing and the brain: Dr Ruth Peters

Do blood pressure, body weight and diabetes matter for brain health? Dr Ruth Peters

Hearing loss and dementia (part 1): Dr Kim Kiely

Hearing loss and dementia (part 2): Dr Kim Kiely


Planning ahead and Advance Care Directives: the Australian context: Anne Meller Nurse Consultant

  1. What is an Advance Care Directive?
  2. How is it different to other health or legal documents?
  3. How does it work if something happens to me?
  4. What happens if I don’t have an Advance Care Directive?


What should I do if I’m having problems with my memory or thinking skills?  Dr Stephanie Ward


We are building our series of talks so stay tuned for more!